Hire an engineer and get money in the box

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Person getting ready for a jobinterview

It can provide an economic jackpot for many companies to hire engineers or other people with high e academic educations behind them. Thus, the value of the companies who have employed a lot of highly educated people like engineers, for example, is more than eight per cent more effective than companies without engineers. This applies even when viewed in relation to companies that are comparably identical the same size and in the same sector and with the same regional location and the same export share.

It shows new analysis prepared by senior adviser at London Business School, Johannes Benson.

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The benefit

He says that medium-sized private companies with engineers on average have a value added of 700,500 GBP a year per employee. It is nicely more than the 647,700 GBP, as control companies without engineers for comparison creates of value created per employee. This equates to a difference of 52,900 GBP, or 8.2 percent.

Johannes Benson adds that his investigation does not prove that it is the highly trained employees who increase turnover.

It may as well be that high productivity and value-added companies are chasing smart heads with long-term education than others.

Johannes Benson says:

However, this study is aligned well with other analyses which have reached the same result. But it is therefore not a question of all companies now to hire engineers. They only have to enter the places where it makes sense

At the Technical University of North Umbria (TUNU), which annually educates around 2,000 engineers, says headmaster James Berkeley that it can really make a huge difference in many companies if they choose to make use of the right workforce.